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I appreciate the time you are taking to explore and decide on the person who will work best with you. As a Monmouth County divorce attorney and mediator, I focus on family law matters in Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey. Family law matters include the negotiation and mediation of issues relating to divorce and separation, custody and child support, asset and property distribution, and premarital agreements. I also offer services for real estate transactions (purchases, sales and refinances) and estate planning documents (wills, powers of attorney and advanced medical directives).

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Which divorce process is a better choice for you?

Traditional divorce litigation is complicated, expensive and time consuming. Worst of all it can have a terrible impact on your children and perhaps your relationship with your children. However, there are a number of process options available that enable couples to conduct their divorce in a dignified manner and in turn, move on positively with the next chapter of their lifes. The infographic below provides a short description of the differences between the divorce process options available to you.

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Collaborative Process and Mediation

Divorce Without Litigation

The decision to divorce is difficult. Before you select a process that makes it even more painful and becomes unnecessarily expensive, you owe it to yourself to explore all options as to how to divorce in Monmouth and Ocean counties. It is crucial to get information about your divorce alternatives as early as possible to find the best fit for you, your family, and finances.

If you are considering separation or divorce and would like to learn more about a collaborative divorce process or mediation, or other options that may be helpful, please contact Monmouth County divorce attorney Anna-Maria Pittella at 732-842-6939.

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Take the first step to ensure your case gets the best representation. We offer flexible scheduling for over the phone or in-office appointments. If you decide to go through a divorce from your spouse, contact me now to speak with your Monmouth County divorce lawyer. Call: 732-842-6939

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