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Advice... Answers... and the Advantages of Collaboration and Mediation

When you need legal information and advice - and friendly, conscientious service - get respectful counseling from Anna-Maria Pittella, Attorney at Law, Accredited Mediator and Family Collaborative Practitioner and discover the advantages of Collaborative Divorce or Mediation.. Collaboration or Mediation is less confrontational and as a result you are able to:

  • Maintain a strong bond with your children before and after the divorce
  • Ensure a strong financial future
  • Have more control over the separation and divorce negotiations
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete the divorce
  • Move on with your new lives

With offices in Red Bank and other convenient locations to meet clients in Toms River and Wall Township, New Jersey, Anna-Maria Pittella emphasizes divorce collaboration and mediation in family matters. Her firm provides legal counseling to people throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

What makes Anna-Maria Pittella empathetic is that she, herself, has experienced divorce. She understands first-hand the emotional turmoil and financial worries that you experience. She provides cost effective and client centered options by collaboration, cooperation or mediation to resolve family issues including divorce, alimony, child custody and support and property distribution. As your NJ divorce attorney or divorce attorney in Monmouth County and Ocean County, she can offer over thirty years of experience, consideration for your emotional turmoil and a respectful sensitivity to your situation and needs.


Comments from Clients

"It definitely makes sense for people who are able to [learn] to communicate with each otherand certainly with regard to children, it is a respectful process. Divorce is hard on everyone.The Collaborative Process was the best for our situation. It was productive and respectful...Myattorney was professional and supportive and I was able to work well with her." S.M.

Thank you for all your help, guidance and support in navigating a very difficult course. Your staffis great and you made this whole event something to be fared with dignity and respect, even a bitof humor when warranted. My heartfelt thanks....R.D.

"Thank you for working with us and making this complicated process digestible. We alsoappreciated your manner during this time ..peppered with humor and compassion for our family,but kept us on task to complete the issues for the MOU." C.F.


  For more information, or to schedule an appointment with regarding a family law matter, please
  contact us. (732)-842-6939. If you are interested in mediation at a lower cost and have family income of less
  than $120,000.00, you may be eligible for a new program through the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.
  (More information and application)

Anna-Maria Pittella, Esq. has been selected by the Ocean County Bar Association and the Commission on Professionalism in the Law as a recipient of a 2009 Professional Lawyer of the Year Award. Click here to learn more...

Anna-Maria Pittella in an attorney in Monmouth County and Ocean County. If you need help in:

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You’re not alone…Your call…My priority

You should never randomly pick an attorney from a list of lawyers in NJ. Anna-Maria Pittella will provide you with helpful information in a private and comfortable setting and guide you to solutions to your legal problems. Ms. Pittella says, "People do not know what to expect when they meet or hire an attorney. I want my clients to know that I am here for them. I keep them involved at every step to help them make good decisions and will advocate their interests appropriately."

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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law: Read All Here

Am I able to use the same legal representative as my spouse?

The answer is no. This would constitute a conflict of interest and go against the general legal code of ethics, even if the divorce is not being contested.

How can I file an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce can be filed if there are no issues being contested by either party. This means that all issues, e.g. the house, financial assets and liabilities, custody of the children including visitation rights, future payments for alimony and child support, and everything else has been resolved satisfactorily between the spouses. How you reach settlement will depend on the couple. You can come to an agreement together, at the “kitchen table”, through mediation or through the use of collaborative attorneys. If you use the “Kitchen table” method or mediation, you should strongly consider having the agreement reviewed and possibly prepared by an attorney. It will be a court order if made a part of your divorce. Make sure the agreement is complete and you understand its legal consequences.

Should I seek help asking for changes to my divorce agreement?

If you are looking to make a changes to your divorce agreement or decree, you will need topetition the court or reach an resolution with your ex-spouse. If you were involved in litigationbefore you may not want to return to a court setting. You may consider using a mediator orcollaborative attorneys. In either case it is critical to find a qualified attorney to assist you and helpyou select the right process and secure a fair settlement.

Are there advantages to legal separation?

A legal separation is normally done in cases where the spouses want to physically separate, buthave other reasons why they want or need to stay married. A couple may choose legal separationinstead of divorce because of religion (if their religion does not recognize divorce),or financialreasons such as tax advantages, Social Security entitlement or the need for insurance or lowercost of insurance, etc. In New Jersey, a legal separation is by court order or by contract of theparties. Living apart does not necessarily constitute a legal separation even if it lasts for years.There are some serious ramifications that need to be considered and are best addressed by aformal written agreement.

After a divorce is finalized, can child custody or support agreements be altered?

It is the unusual case where one or both of these provisions is never revisited. Children growand needs change. Parents change jobs, lose jobs or unfortunately become disabled. Thecircumstances that come to be require parties to address the consequences. It is a wise parentwho realizes that these discussions are inevitable. Finding the right way to address thesechanges is challenging. Seek the attorney who can counsel you and offer reasonable optionsand alternatives. If all fails, litigation is available for a judge to make the final decision.

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