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DIVORCE WITHOUT LITIGATION. The decision to divorce is difficult. Before you select a process that makes it even more painful, you owe it to yourself to explore all options as to how to divorce in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Many people assume that they need a judge to make all the decisions for them. In reality only about one every in ten cases ever goes to trial. The rest are the result of an agreement by the parties. So why take that path of preparing for a trial that doesn’t happen? Before you commence divorce litigation, explore an alternative out-of-court process such as collaborative divorce or mediation. It is crucial that you get information about your divorce alternatives as early as possible to consider all options available to you and the best fit for you, your family, and finances.

At the Law Office of Anna-Maria Pittella, we offer a wide range of alternatives such as collaborative divorce, mediation and negotiation to creatively and effectively resolve your divorce or separation and family law issues or pre-nuptial matters involving custody, support, property distribution.

Practice Areas

  • Collaborative Divorce
    Provides a method for a cooperative transition where the couple receives assistance in delineating and meeting their needs for the future (Choosing a Collaborative Attorney)
  • Mediation
    Is a process where you engage in discussions facilitated by a trained professional to draw out the concerns of both parties who are facing a divorce or separation.
  • Child Support
    In the state of New Jersey, child support is generally governed by specific child support guidelines.

Client Comments

"It definitely makes sense for people who are able to [learn] to communicate with each other and certainly with regard to children, it is a respectful process. Divorce is hard on everyone. The Collaborative Process was the best for our situation. It was productive and respectful...My attorney was professional and supportive and I was able to work well with her." ...S.M.

"Thank you for all your help, guidance and support in navigating a very difficult course. Your staff is great and you made this whole event something to be fared with dignity and respect, even a bit of humor when warranted. My heartfelt thanks" ...R.D.

"Thank you for working with us and making this complicated process digestible. We also appreciated your manner during this time ..peppered with humor and compassion for our family, but kept us on task to complete the issues for the MOU." ...C.F.

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